The Best Free Voice Changer App for Discord, Computer, and Games

A voice modulator is a software program that modifies the amplitude or intonation of a speaker’s appearance. It can be used to record audio and broadcast it with others via accounts on social networking platforms like Discord, Skype, and Steam, or for gaming trolls. These applications provide a minimal interface and a variety of effects that may be implemented in real. The primary reason gamers and streamers use voice changer software is to create specific speech effects or play pre-recorded sounds. Aside from that, there seem to be various additional reasons why individuals like to employ voice synthesisers. Some people opt to use a voice converter because they wish to remain unknown in the world of the internet, and they achieve this by utilising a voice changer. Several folks are using it to conceal their identity.

The upcoming is a hand-picked list of the Leading Freeware Vocal Converter Apps, alongside key characteristics and online links. The applications within the list are free to download and install.


One of the most incredible voice changers is Voicemod. Real-time speech effects may be added to various applications such as Discord, Skype, TeamSpeak, and many others, as well as various games such as Pubg, Among Us, Tetris, CS: GO, and many more.

Voicemod is well-known for being a professional and simple-to-use voice changer that can make you sound like a guy, girl, machine, or anything else you can think of. Voicemod is also compatible with Audacity, Twitch, Elgato Stream Deck, and various other fantastic apps.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition detects your voice and changes it using voice effects. You may modify the audio quality or even impersonate another character with the aid of this voice-changing program. It could be used for a variety of reasons, including gameplay, voice-overs, and podcasting.

With a vibrant voice, you may enliven the atmosphere or add depth to your audiobook with profound speech effects. The Effects tab displays all of the impacts that may be used and layered. You may add up to 16 fine-tuned voices to a single audio clip to make it perfect.


Prepare to change any narration from a home recording to a professional studio version. There’s no need to be concerned about annoying disruptions or ambient sounds because Murf can assist you in wiping them away. One wouldn’t even need recording equipment to sound like a pro.

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