Best Alternative Software of Windows Movie Maker:

Best Alternative Software of Windows Movie Maker:

Microsoft has shut down its flagship video editor, the Windows Movie Maker. Nobody except Microsoft completely knows why. It was a nice default video editing software with an easy interface, simple editing procedure, and free to use in Windows OS, ideal for beginners and light video editing.

Time doesn’t halt and we need to adapt accordingly. Today we are showing you some of our best selections for windows movie maker alternatives:

  • FilmForth: FilmForth can be a consideration as it is free and has a simple interface for beginners. It is available on Windows OS and uses a timeline instead of a storyboard.

Key Features Include:

  • Free, beginner-friendly, and no watermark added.
  • Audio adjustment/removal, voice-over recording, removing or changing background video.
  • Changing volume and playback speed of a video.
  • Making slideshows with cool transition effects and a picture-in-picture video background.
  • Editing video subtitles or adding regular/animated texts, subtitles to a video.

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  • Adobe Premiere Pro: This is a professional alternative video editing software to Windows Movie Maker. It is used at a large scale by professional video editors. Since the software possesses industrial-level features, it comes with a free trial for a week. The pricing then starts at 19.99 USD monthly. For beginners, tutorial videos are required for proper familiarization and productive output from the software.

Learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro

  • VSDC: VSDC is a free video editing software that provides lots of features. Advanced features like Chroma key tool, 360° video editing, color correction/stabilization come for free in VSDC. Adapting to the software interface easily will take time for beginners. Paid version (optional) of VSDC comes at 19.99 USD with more features and technical support.

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  • DaVinci Resolve: Considered a great alternative to Windows Movie Maker, DaVinci resolve is a free tool that comes with professional video editing features. It is compatible with all the three common OS installed in computers. Despite a cluttered interface, it is chosen because of its features available for industrial-level video editing for free. The paid version of DaVinci resolve is 299 USD, but the additional features and the software’s potential is worth it.

Check out DaVinci Resolve


All the above-mentioned alternative video editor software of Windows Movie Maker are capable of several types of video editing and conversion from one format to another. You can try everything and then choose the suitable one. For a professional video editor, the paid versions would be beneficial. Let us know about your choice too in the comments.

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